BlueDVAMBE on Android

Dave Slotter, W3DJS


I'm using BlueDVAMBE V1.0.96 on my Android tablet running Android version 12, along with a ThumbDV. I love being able to access DMR and D-Star using my tablet.

Unfortunately, I've noticed two things:

1. The DMR Talkgroup displayed on screen may not actually reflect the Talkgroup I'm actually connected to. This is a very difficult bug to work around. For example, I just launched BlueDVAMBE, touched the "CON" button on the lower left to connect to the ThumbDV, then changed "3113" to "91" in the DMR talkgroup field, and clicked on the phone icon to connect to the BrandMeister US 3102 server and I heard people on talkgroup 3113! I then disconnected and reconnected and this second time around got talkgroup 91. Then I disconnected, and changed 91 to 3113 in the talkgroup field and this time after reconnecting to BrandMeister, I was on the right talkgroup. So I'm not quite sure what operation or lack of operation causes this ugly bug to rear its head (yet).

2. When I insert the ThumbDV into the tablet's USB connector, I get an alert asking me to "Choose an app for the USB device" and the list contains apps other than BlueDVAMBE. Since BlueDVAMBE uses the ThumbDV, I think it belongs on this list.

Screenshot_20220629-161038_One UI Home.jpg

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