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The group owner asked you to stop. Whether or not you agree with him, it's his group and it's his rules. I interpret his message to you as him asking you politely to stop.

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On Fri, Jul 1, 2022 at 12:59 PM Ludovic Ludo <f5pbg29@...> wrote:
Le 30/06/2022 à 15:12, John Hays - K7VE / WRJT-215 a écrit :
This not the place for this.

This is not my opinion. It is good that everyone is made aware of this practice
which is absolutely not hamspirit.

So i wait for the unblock...

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2022, 22:38 Ludovic Ludo <f5pbg29@...> wrote:

i always wait that you unblacklist me on PEANUT, David...

You had blacklisted F5HFA a blind radio amateur on unjustified complaint from K8KH.

I had asked you to unblacklist F5HFA because it was intolerable that a blind radio amateur should be blacklisted
from PEANUT, especially for the reasons not understood by K8KH who does not master the French language.

You ended up unblacklisting F5HFA but for some obscure reason probably related to K8KH
I find myself blacklisting for no reason.

You should not believe your friend who obviously lied to you as was the case for F5HFA

Moreover, you do not have to use the amateur radio network to raise yourself as a censor.
You have no right to legislate especially since in this case it is totally arbitrary. I was behind
the release of F0 licenses in France in DMR against French censors who prevented them
from reaching the network.

In your case, I protest against this censorship that you practice so become ham'spirit again
and unblock my access to PEANUT by behaving as a responsible amateur radio operator.

In my case for example, I am coordinator of IP Hamnet 44.151, I would never allow
myself to filter a radio amateur with respect to my prerogatives.

I thank you in advance.

It is not my first demand it is the reason why i put my demand here...

73's de Ludovic - F5PBG.

- Dave, W3DJS
-- Lifetime Member of ARRL & GARS and curator of HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi --

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