Re: BlueDV for Windows supports ThumbDV DV3000U


Hi Jean-Marc,

I know that there are some level differences in voice. I have do read more about PCM to manipulate it. Also have to find a way to measure. Maybe I can set some levels in the AMBE.

Have to investigate what IPSC2 is. There are so many types of DMR ( UDP ) protocols... And all not documented off course. :-(

Fusion yes!! I am looking for more information about Fusion protocol.. But did not found any yet..

The last 2 weeks of my vacation ( Monday)  I will switch to Android development again and let the Windows version rest. Switching between multiple coding languages is very hard for me.
I promised in Dayton I will add repeater connect on Android. 
Also going to try AMBE on OTG.. But sound is terrible at this moment.

  David PA7LIM

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