Re: BlueDV for Windows supports ThumbDV DV3000U


Hello George,

I know about the DMR audio problem.  I am on vacation and have no good tools to test things here. 
I added mic volume in the new version but I am still tuning.


Greets and 73,
    David PA7LIM

On 02-08-2017 13:20, mi0ceo_geo@... wrote:

Looks good but would like audio control added as we are having problems controlling audio levels. The audio levels in Dstar are perfect but in DMR we cant seem to get them sorted without going into the windows settings. Could this be anything to do with AGC setting in DMR  (guessing). Thanks you for this software we are willing to pay for it.

Best George MI0CEO.

From: <> on behalf of David PA7LIM <info@...>
Sent: 01 August 2017 16:30
Subject: Re: [ambe] BlueDV for Windows supports ThumbDV DV3000U
Hi All,

I am testing now with the AMBEServer option ( auto reconnect is not implemented yet ). Will be available in the next release. Hope to deploy within a week.
Thanks to John K7VE for helping me with the setup of the AMBEserver!

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