Re: BlueDV for Windows supports ThumbDV DV3000U


Hi George,

Thanks for your report!!!

Will try to bring the DMR+, XLX and BM to the front of the app. Working on graphical screens on a 13" screen is not that fun.. Next week I have my 2 big screens again :-)  

Please let me know what you tuned so I can use this in the code. The BM "connected to" message will blow of your ears ( also on my radio ). But that voice sample is very loud.

I uploaded 9411 on my website now. The last 5 entered destination id's are saved now.


Greets and 73,
    David PA7LIM

On 03-08-2017 18:56, mi0ceo_geo@... wrote:

Hi Dave
Downloaded and running looking good. Reports on audio have all been positive (fine tuning).
The only bug that i have found is that when logging on to brandmeister the audio from the software is over deviated,can cope with that.
Now if we could change from brandmeister to DMR+ from the GUI (without having to edit setup)?
Again thanks for all your help and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Best George, MI0CEO

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