ambeserver on Raspian Jessie with ThumbDV locks BlueDV on receive after having changed UDP Port


Hello to all. I added the CompassLinux repository(alder main) to my pi, installed ambeserver and it worked as expected when accesed from wherever, very nice to operate like this. I also have on this pi a DVMega and a DVAP so the Mega runs C4FM Mode and the DVAP DSTAR. I was helping out another Operator set up his BlueDV for AMBE operation, using his ThumbDV locally on his machine. Since I sent him a picture of my AMBE settings, I wanted to change my port after the fact and so I did, and restarted  the service afterwards, also updated the firewall rules to allow the connections on my new designated port. But after doing this my system does not decode at all. I connect to the server, and if I send a tx on DMR to the Parot(9990  P) as soon as it comes back the status on the bottom changes from Connected to AMBEserver to Reconnecting to AMBEserver. If I run sudo systems ambeserver@... it says running and it says it is listening. I do not know if ambeserver generates a log, for analysis.

I have tried to apt-get autoremove and install it but it all went to this state after having changed the port number. It happens as well on DSTAR< I tried it on REF001E.

I am planning on wiping it all and redo everything, just want to know what I did wrong to avoid the mistake.

73 de TG9AOR

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