Re: original ThumbDV baud rate mod: possible ?

Steven Blackford

Instead of doing all that, it's easier to change one line of code before you compile the ambed source:

kb7sqi@kb7sqi-x61:~/tmp/source/xlxd/ambed$ egrep 'baudrate' *
cusb3000interface.cpp:    int baudrate = 230400;
cusb3000interface.cpp.orig:    int baudrate = 460800;

Simply modify cusb3000interface.cpp & adjust the baud rate to match the slower baud rate of the old ThumbDV's.  I posted my test results on the Yahoo XLXD group.  The old ThumbDV's work fine.  73 de K4SQI.

Steve, K4SQI

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 4:46 PM, <ve2vag@...> wrote:
I've found the physical mod on twitter...  Seems easy at first when looking at the pics (lifting and isolating pin 91, and bonding together the pad of pin 91 with pins 90 + 89, but I won't risk it, I'm not equipped to do this with these pins so near from one to each other....

I've checked the chip manual, and found also the control packed field needed to bypass the hardware pins (PKT_RESETSOFTCFG 0x34).

I'm only using the ThumbDV, for now, as a local AMBEServer on a RPi 3.
So If I would want my ThumbDV to run at 460800, I guess I could try to incorporate the RESETSOFTCFG fieldcommand in AmbeServer's code source, and compile it ?
Now to find the correct argument to add for that field, since I'M a coding newbie.

Steve, kb7sqi@...

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