Re: thumbdv and rasberry pi 2

James mcdowall

yes on slow link it on my server in shack as it big file it would take a lot of space on a server
cheers jim
pc i and looking for dummyrepeater for windows so i can network still waiting on the join request on yahoo
pps yes i too can run it on win7 with win dv strange thing is it connects to ref001c on windows but not on dummy repeater ?

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    thanks for getting this working ... I'll be playing around with your image in the next few days. I'm downloading it as I type. It appears to be on a slow connection as it's showing 43mins remaining. No worries there as long as it completes I'm good with that.

    I run my Thumb DV on my PC;  Windows 7 - works perfectly with WinDV Node -

 looking forward to testing it on the Pi -I have a spare one at the moment, as I upgraded my DV Mega hotspot to a Pi3.

I'll be sure and followup with my results ...

thanks 73's

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