Re: BlueDV AMBE for Android


Hi David

Great job!

I tested it on XRF002 with the android phone and my PIDV server and It works.

Frank K6FED

On Sun, 11/12/17, David PA7LIM <@pa7lim> wrote:

Subject: [ambe] BlueDV AMBE for Android
Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017, 7:32 AM

Hi All,

I wrote a new Windows AMBE Server for the ThumbDB ( old and
new model ). I also wrote an BlueDV Android version that
supports AMBE and connects to the AMBEServer.

In other words.. You can make a DSTAR QSO's with your
Android phone/Tablet while your ThumbDV is in your Windows
It is all experimental stuf.. Just to play with.. And
free course! 
See a short manual.

Have fun!
    David PA7LIM

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