Re: BlueDV AMBE for Android

David Smith

Hey David,

Did Fusion get implemented into the program yet. Going to get a USB adapter
for my Android so I can operate on my Android.

David Smith

Sunday, November 12, 2017 12:47 PM
Hey David,
    I knew you had made some changes. LOL.  I noticed the battery life right away.  I know some apps like EchoLink, Zello, TeamSpeak allow you to push the button on regular head sets to key up.  Hope that points you in the right direction.   I setup an experimental AllStar/EchoLink Node bridged over to D-Star on our "Carolina Link" a couple of weeks ago.  It works pretty well on your iOS/Android phone, but don't sound so great when someone links in an Analog Repeater. LOL.  So, this new app will come in handy for me.  I love being able to connect up while I'm working in the data centers in the evenings.  Look forward to seeing what you do next.  Take care & thanks again for everything you do!  73 de K4SQI!

Steve, K4SQI 

Steve, kb7sqi@...


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