Re: BlueDV Android AMBE making first DMR QSO with myself :-)


Thank you for making your garage project available for all of us to play with.
It is a great piece of software.
I installed the BlueDV AMBRE Server on Win7 that I am running inside a virtual machine on a MacBook with the ThumbDV attached. 
The BlueDV android app is installed and running on an old slow Nexus tablet that seems to handle the process easily. 

I've kept the BlueDV android app attached to REF 029 A and have had several successful QSO's.

Next I'll take it on the road using the WiFi network my truck provides.

Thanks again for allowing us to be involved.

Cheers & 73 de Thom / K7FZO

On Nov 14, 2017, at 12:36 PM, David PA7LIM <info@...> wrote:

Hi All,

Absolutely not finished yet.. I can make make a QSO on BM with myself now ( private call to 9990 ). There is still a lot to do!!!!! Hope to deploy a working version in the upcoming weeks ( all depending on my private time ).

Keep in mind that this version will be in the garage so only fun to try and play with. See:

    David PA7LIM 

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