Updating DPlus_Hosts.txt to use REFxxx DNS entries


Anything that uses ircddbgateway

Here is a little procedure to change all IP based REFxxx references to use their DNS name instead. (For Compass Linux location for DPlus_Hosts.txt file) == watch for line wrap in email

cd /usr/share/opendv
sudo cp DPlus_Hosts.txt DPlus_Hosts.txt.old
sudo sed 's/^REF\([0-9]\+\)[[:space:]][^a-zA-Z]*$/REF\1\tref\1.dstargateway.org/' <DPlus_Hosts.txt >DPlus_Hosts.txt.new
diff DPlus_Hosts.txt DPlus_Hosts.txt.new   # Shows the changes
sudo mv DPlus_Hosts.txt.new DPlus_Hosts.txt

Restart ircddbgateway/ircddbgatewayd, e.g. for the daemon

sudo systemctl restart ircddbgatewayd.service

[Larry -- there may be more involved for you, but try this first.]

On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 10:04 AM, Larry Berkowitz <lberk26@...> wrote:

Is this required for the UDRC as well as I cannot connect to any reflectors now just DCS reflectors

Larry w2LGB

On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 12:48 PM, John Hays <john@...> wrote:
Darren Storer says that the REF001 address should always be referenced by its domain name ref001.dstargateway.org  (which means it may change physical IP address from time to time).

Edit DPlus_Hosts.txt and comment out or replace the old REF001 and replace it.

# DPlus_Hosts.txt
# The format of this file is the name of the reflector/gateway followed by its
# IP address.


On Compass Linux the file is located in /usr/share/opendv

You might want to do this for all of the REFxxx reflectors.


John D. Hays

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