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Hi Gary,

It depends how you see it :-) The speaker is transmitting the voice to you.
I know.. Maybe I will switch RX and TX for AMBE. ( when I have time )

Greets and 73,

David PA7LIM

Op 04/12/2017 om 16:44 schreef Gary McBroom:

Hi David.  Quick question on the TX/RX "Sliders".  Are they supposed to indicate power or RX strength?

Love the program.

Gary McBroom

On Dec 2, 2017 3:01 PM, "David PA7LIM" <info@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I uploaded a new pre version of BlueDV for Windows. Main additions in this versions are:
- Gain control for AMBE ( DSTAR and DMR )
- Noise cancellation ( The background noise is gone now )
- Special screen for AMBE control. I have more space now to make controls for AMBE.
- Mute button for spreaker
- No popup anymore when there is a new version ( beta or pre beta ). You will see a link to upgrade.
- Many bugfixes

You can find the new version ( 9452 or higher ) :

The latest BlueDV Andoid AMBE version is also added with noise cancellation and AMBE gain control.

Have fun!
    David PA7LIM

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