Re: OTG charging issue

David Smith

This is great news. When you find the cable please share. Meanwhile I will be on the
lookout for it. Is this done on the new android version you just posted?

By the way I am running the new version this morning sitting here listening on Dstar,
communications nice and clean. Is fusion setup to work yet?

David Smith

Monday, December 4, 2017 2:04 PM

Hi All,

Now the ThumbDV is working on my phone there is one issue left.

If I connect the ThumbDV directly to my phone, it will drain the phone and after 45 minutes the complete solution stops.
I brought some OTG cables but none of them are working.

See my cables and see that none of them charge the phone. ( upper battery icon. )

Is there anyone who knows OTG cables that charges the phone and power the ThumbDV and also tested it?

    David PA7LIM


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