Re: Yeah.. BlueDV with ThumbDV directly connected to my Android phone.


Hi Jeremiah,

You are welcome! Very nice to hear!

The AMBEServer will be available. I am going to make a switch in the setup so you can switch between OTG and the AMBEServer.

Greets and 73,

David PA7LIM

Op 04/12/2017 om 21:41 schreef Jeremiah Toth (Jay):


I do hope you will still have the AMBE server available and keep working on it as needed?  It is very nice to use it.  I can leave it running, and connect to it with BlueDV windows software when using computer, and then disconnect and use android BlueDV-AMBE to connect to the AMBE stick, without having to move or unplug the stick.

Regardless, thank you for your work, your work is a massive, massive contribution to the world of DMR and DSTAR!


On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 3:27 PM, David Smith <KA5DJS@...> wrote:
never mind on the question I see you will post the new version after
suitable found,

David - KA5DJS

Monday, December 4, 2017 1:28 PM
Hi all,

Good news. I managed to connect my ThumbDV directly to my Android device so no AMBEServer needed anymore. The sound is amazing!

The downside is that the ThumbDV drains your battery. After 45 minutes the battery is low and can't give enough power to the ThumbDV.
This version is NOT available yet! First I want to find an OTG cable that powers the phone and the ThumbDV. ( will make new thread with my used OTG cables that did not work )

    David PA7LIM


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