Re: newbie trouble

David Smith

Is the Thumbdv brand new? Is your internet connection high speed. Is the USB port supplying the right power. If you are daisy chaining it try direct connecting it. 
Also if Windows 10 1709 version might be Windows. Is BlueDV installed correctly?

I had a similar problem months ago. I finally had to ship it to Northwest digital. They found out the chip was bad and they sent me a new one. 

I have been using ever since and it works great. Try the steps I gave you 1st and see if it fixes it.

David Smith 

On Dec 6, 2017 5:57 AM, Gordon W Tippett <n3wzu1@...> wrote:

Hi Ken

You need to go into device manager check your ports make sure you know what com port number your is on and port settings your ThumbDV baud rate should be 460800 for a new one and 230400 an older one.

Once windows 10's port is set properly for the ThumbDV you'll have tell BlueDV for Windows what com port to look for and all of your other information it needs to know.



On 12/5/2017 22:23, Ken Jamrogowicz via Groups.Io wrote:
well - I must be doing something wrong.  I have tried BlueDV on two different PC's and it does not talk to my ThumbDV.
The thumbtest program says:  0AMBE3000R -   1 1V120.E100.XXXX.C106.G514.R009.B0010411.C0020208
and I have tried BlueDV for Windows versions and
OS is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
What could be wrong? 



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