Re: newbie trouble

David Smith

By the way Ken,  Northwest Digital stands behind their product very well. I just saw Gordons response which
was also a very good response.

We hope you get it working. Just to let you know I have an Icom ID 51A I could use here locally through
the repeater we have in our local area. However I find myself using the ThumbDV 100 % of the time that is how
good it works when functioning right.

David Smith - KA5DJS

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 6:47 AM
Is the Thumbdv brand new? Is your internet connection high speed. Is the USB port supplying the right power. If you are daisy chaining it try direct connecting it. 
Also if Windows 10 1709 version might be Windows. Is BlueDV installed correctly?

I had a similar problem months ago. I finally had to ship it to Northwest digital. They found out the chip was bad and they sent me a new one. 

I have been using ever since and it works great. Try the steps I gave you 1st and see if it fixes it.

David Smith 


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