Re: newbie trouble

David Smith

That is the same issue I was having. Send it in to NW Digital and have them check it out.
They found the chip to be defective and simply replaced it.

David Smith - KA5DJS

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 9:17 AM
Thanks for the replies guys. Operator error here.  I had the right com port (thumbtest worked remember) but I filled it in the wrong box on the setup.
Now the problem I have is that while I hear the "over-beeps" and connect/disconnect "boop" I don't get any audio when people are talking.
Or I get little random noises.  I could record them if that would help.
But, in any case, I am not getting voice out of my PC speakers. And when I click the PTT ("on the air" slider) it is seen to transmit for only about 1 second (as viewed from the receiving end).

The other thing I noticed is that sometimes I have to unplug and re-plug the device to get it to talk to the program (after a setup change for example).

I am wondering if the inability to make and decode audio might mean I have a bad device?

Full disclosure: I also run a Freestar homebrew repeater here on the same network, so there may be some port conflict issues ... although ... I have run the OpenSpot device here without problems on all three of its modes.  I have an internal reflector (does not go through the firewall) and I figured if I connect to that then no port conflicts should happen. 



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