Re: WiFi vs. 3G/4G AMBEServer


Hi Chris,

Yes this is related to the 3G/4G connection. Reflector and AMBEServer traffic is UDP so when a frame is dropped you will hear a gap. I am buffering a lot so I can deal with some jitter. The OTG version will give better quality because you only have reflector traffic left. Even when you miss some traffic, I am filling that up with white noise ( only DSTAR ).

Greets and 73,

David PA7LIM

Op 10/12/2017 om 14:09 schreef Chris Day:

I really like this setup. I note in my testing though that audio over 3G/4G is slow slightly broken. WiFi audio over my own network flawless. Has anyone else experienced this?  Wondering if this is purely related to my cellular carrier. Signal looks good from the local tower. Ultimately, I'd like to route back to the ThumbDV over the cell network, so if there's something I can do to address this, I'd like to know what it is.

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