Re: Hard drive

Richard - VE7CVS

Yes, you can use the SD card just to get the machine started. I do this and use a Solid State Drive (SSD) for a couple of my Pis - especially for servers that are 'always on', the SD card eventually gets fried with too many writes to the same locations for log files and such.

There's a set of instructions here:

You basically copy the SD filesystem to the hard drive, then alter the /boot/cmdline.txt file on the SD card to point to the hard drive.

Not trivial, but not really difficult either. You're welcome to contact me if you have problems doing it.

- Richard, VE7CVS

On 8/31/16 8:22 AM, Jim wrote:

Now i have the dstar pi2 and thumbdv all working is there away i can transfer it all on to a harddrive (i have a 250g usb) so it uses the sd card for bootup but then reads all the other files from hard drive?

or is to much for a novide to do ?

cheers jim

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