Re: XCode-3006 usage for end users

Jeremiah Toth (Jay)

Ever wanted to run different ham digital applications at once, but had to pick and choose what audio stream/modes you were currently using, because you already had your current single channel device in use?

Once this device is released and AMBE server is updated (which, I think I saw something saying it already WAS updated) then you can monitor multiple modes or reflectors at once.  I plan (if it gets fully funded, fingers crossed) to do experimental work with AllstarLink and MMDVM, as well as perhaps have some DSTAR and DMR going at the same time.  I'm nothing but full of ideas of things to do, since this would allow me to do SIX different things at once without approximately $750 in multiple usb sticks connected to my computer...


On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 5:33 PM, Jeff Marden via Groups.Io <jmardensdl@...> wrote:
Hello John:

So, not really for end users yet; waiting for applicable software to be developed probably after the reflector phase of the overall development - understood.

Jeff Marden/N1JCM

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