Re: High Loss% with ThumbDV on DMR


The software, in this case BlueDV, controls the packet flow to/from the ThumbDV.   NW Digital Radio is responsible for the manufacture of the ThumbDV and that it performs according to the hardware specs and documentation.  Software is responsible for transport of Audio (PCM) and AMBE to and from the ThumbDV hardware.

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Tnx Tom,

this is is a thorough diagnosis and resolution of the problem. Is this something that should be fed back to NW? Or is DMR beyond the design spec of the ThumbDV? 

I understand conceptually what you have done but would be unable to build the interface to provide packet limiting on my own. Any "brite force" method of limiting packets? Is this something that the vendor could/should provide? I’m using BlueDV but not implying he should do anything. It’s a NW issue - correct?

Tom VE3NY 


John D. Hays


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