Re: BlueDV with DVMEGA AMBE3000 shield on Arduino

John Spitznagel <jspitznagel@...>

Sorry for dragging group away from topic...
Problem solved thanks to a quick reply from Guus. If you are using the Arduino/AMBE3000 shield to create a "dongle" for BlueDV:
1. Use the firmware for the DVMEGA Cast setup. It is currently:myDV_105_MEGA2560.cpp.hex  
2. Configure only the "General"/DSTAR/DMR/FUSION blocks and DO NOT check AMBE ThumbDV/DV3000.

That second tip from Guus seemed counter-intuitive but that is the way that combo of hardware/firmware works because the DVMega Cast is a full function radio (in process)

I can't wait to play with the AMBE3006 board!
Jack Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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