Blued AMBE server

Richard W4JXA

I am trying to use a Windows 10 tablet running on a T-Mobile cell phone hotspot.  I Created a stable public IP address using no-ip which gave me a My cell phone client running the Bluedv AMBE can't find my tablet on the network. It seems as though T-Mobile won't allow my tablet to be visible to the client. I am able to use my cell phone client and connect to a friend's pc running AMBE server using his and have made many QSOs on DSTAR and DMR from my cellphone . Any suggestions on how to use my own tablet and th3000 as an AMBE server on T mobile hotspot would be appreciated !!
THANK YOU DAVID FOR INVENTING THE AMBE SERVER . I drive about 6 different vehicles at work daily and can't really carry a lot of equipment with me, so the cell phone client is a nice solution. 

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