Re: Installation of blueDV 09499 for Windows 7 on ThumbDV 3000???

Eric Osterberg

Looks like you have cross posted to more than one list? I have two messages from you already?
Don't care how fast your laptop is or if your ThumbDV is old or new...

OK, so it's helpful to know what master and network you are connected to.

I suspect you misunderstand how PTT or push to talk talk-groups operate?  The first time you transmit, you activate that talk-group but that first transmission is not forwarded to other repeaters (or directly connected clients / hotspots)... The first "transmission" is simply an activation for the talk-group. (Again assuming standard configurations for systems like Brandmeister)... For a period of time (again assuming network and how it's configured) that talk-group is the active talk-group... But it will eventually time out (except when the network treats you as a hot-spot and not a repeater)... Anyhow, this might explain why one transmission works and another appeared to not...  Now, as to switching talk-groups and still hearing 3100... Again understand that PTT on the talk-group is what triggers the network to feed you with talk-group activity. When you "switch" to 310... nothing changes on the network until you PTT to activate the talk-group.
You can PTT on Talk-group 4000 to clear any active talk-groups (again making an assumption that you are talking about a US based BrandMeister master connection.)
I have no idea about any prompt that says "negative lock".

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 4:01 PM, Douglas F. Enoch <doug.enoch@...> wrote:
I have a 2.2 GHz Lap Top;  windows 7; latest blueDV for windows and a new ThumbDV 3000.  After installation:  (1) It transmitted and received ONCE on group 3100 but not transmit the second time but stilled received on 3100?? (2)  Switched to Tac 311and it displayed it but it still was receiving 3100?? (3) switched back to 3100 but Prompt says "negative Lock" and will not lock on any group now??  I am 71; disabled and visually impaired.  If you have a suggestion please let me know.  73,  Doug...KD8YVD  doug.enoch@... 

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