Re: Installation of blueDV 09499 for Windows 7 on ThumbDV 3000???

M6NBP Norman <brightonirish@...>


3100 is a known issue and has been reported for around 6 months.
This is a master issue and not your hardware or setup.
I would recommend not using the UK master or USA masters and the issue should stop

Also when you move Talk Groups always do a 4000 Group Call disconnect
Set a channel up for 4000 and add 4000 to your contact list as Group Call
When you want to move to a new Talk Group. Turn to channel 4000 and key up. You should get a voice back saying disconnected.
Now go to new TG and Key up.

Hope this helps


From: <> on behalf of Douglas F. Enoch <doug.enoch@...>
Sent: 01 May 2018 22:01
Subject: [ambe] Installation of blueDV 09499 for Windows 7 on ThumbDV 3000???
I have a 2.2 GHz Lap Top;  windows 7; latest blueDV for windows and a new ThumbDV 3000.  After installation:  (1) It transmitted and received ONCE on group 3100 but not transmit the second time but stilled received on 3100?? (2)  Switched to Tac 311and it displayed it but it still was receiving 3100?? (3) switched back to 3100 but Prompt says "negative Lock" and will not lock on any group now??  I am 71; disabled and visually impaired.  If you have a suggestion please let me know.  73,  Doug...KD8YVD  doug.enoch@... 

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