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Yes, the units are tested before shipping, but no process is 100%. It is very rare that a unit reaches the field and is not working properly.  (In fact, failure rate in testing is extremely low.)

As Fritz documented, there is a test program, please give it a try.

Your ThumbDV is covered by a satisfaction guaranteed warranty.  If it is found to be defective, we apologize, and if so, please contact sales@... for warranty coverage.

Be advised that this week is Hamvention, and the response may require a little longer to process due to travel.

BlueDV setup is documented in this video

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This is the first paragraph from the support page at NWDR:
(there is more online).....

Windows Users (ThumbDV™)
When you plug in the ThumbDV it should appear as a new serial port under Device Manager, note which COM port it is on, and remember new ThumbDV™ are at 460800 baud (older models are at 230400). There is a very simple test program for verifying operation under Windows.  It can be found at  — it is called ThumbTest.exe


John D. Hays


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