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Michael Ash

Yes you are missing the driver. go to garage and download the driver.  You can also download BlueDV server and BlueDV Ambe and use yourThumbdv  on an android phone from anywhere.  Check it out
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[Moderator note:  Windows 10 and MacOS should already have the proper FTDI driver for the ThumbDV.  As far as the operating system and applications are concerned this is just a USB Serial device.]

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I just received a thumbdv and tried to set it up. I plug in into a Windows 10 desktop. It appears as a serial port on COM4 with a baud rate of 9600. I run BlueDV, it doesn't see the stick. I go into device manager and change the baud rate of the port to match BlueDV. Still doesn't see the stick. I try a Windows 10 Laptop. Same story. I try a Mac, buster doesn't see the stick. Does NW Digital test these things before they send them out? Is there something obvious I am missing?


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