HELP --- Getting ThumbDV 'really' working ...


I'm hoping to get some information that will hopefully anwser why I've only got my Thumb DV partially working.

    I just got a Thumb DV - with a few hicups and some help from John Hays -- I was able to get it configured to a point where I think it's working.

  However I can't get anyone to respond to me.

 my setup is as follows:

   Windows 7 Pro - PC

   Thumb DV DV3000U

   DV Node for Windows 1.5.8 P3

   Plantronics Headset   

Installed everything, and configured as instructions say ...

I get the VU meter to respond when I transmit and my results show I'm transmitting, but no one responds.

I've submitted my callsign for registration on my closest D-Star repeater W1SCC 

however it still shows that I'm NOT approved and yet it's been a week. I was expecting it to be quicker than that.

I REALLY hoping that my troubles are all routed in me NOT yet completing the registration process, and it's preventing me from my XMIT from working.

  I've tried contacting the the administrator of the repeater, without success. My emails have not bounced but have gone un-answered. I'm kinda stuck because I'm told that you can't register on more than one repeater at a time and don't know how to get anyone to help.

  I guess I'll just have to wait .... I started the registration before I ordered my ICOM ID51A Plus; and my Thumb DV in hopes this would be all behind me.

   Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

 I even see myself in the Reflector's website log ... ( but just as "LISTENING" )

    I can listen to gateways & reflectors -  XMIT - but no response if I was closer to the repeater I would use my HT to try as well, but it 46 miles away. That's why I wanted to go with a Tumb DV or DVAP.

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