Re: ThumbDV and Buster on OS X

Lou Fisher

Good luck I bought the thumbdv about two years ago. Got the new version and it worked great for about two years. Now have similar problems seems about two months ago several just quit working.  I know of at least ten different people with same problem all happening at about same time.  If anyone has any solutions please post we loved our thumbdvs

On Jul 4, 2018, at 4:09 PM, "Luke.evans@..." <Luke.evans@...> wrote:

I know this isn't the official place to get Buster support per se, but maybe folks here have some clue...

I bought a ThumbDV ages ago (probably a very early rev) and recently got it out to try with Buster on macOS.  
While I can see the serial device appear in /dev when I plug it into my USB port, Buster abjectly refuses to connect to it, saying that it cannot open the serial port.  

I'm using macOS High Sierra.
My Mac is a recent MacBook Pro (consequently I'm using a dongle to present a USB 3 port from the onboard USB-C - but the hardware does seem to be recognized correctly)
I have not installed additional drivers - hence using the default serial driver
I'm logged in as a regular user (though I've also tried launching Buster with sudo - but no difference in behaviour). 

Any clues greatly appreciated!  

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