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If it doesn't work at 230400, wouldn't you repeat the process at 460800?

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 8:09 PM, Annaliese McDermond <nh6z@...> wrote:
Buster looks at the serial port, opens it, and tries to send an “reset” packet to the DVSI chip.  It should hear a “ready” packet back if it’s successful and the DVSI chip is online.  If the DVSI chip receives a “reset” packet at the wrong baud rate, it tends to go out to lunch.  Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about that.  You need to remove the dongle and reinsert it.

The procedure that works the best is this:

Open the “Preferences” pane and go to the “Vocoder” panel.
Set the drop-dwon to 230400 baud rate.
Remove your ThumbDV.  Do not do anything with Buster.  Especially do not close it.
Insert the ThumbDV.  Do not do anything with Buster.  Especially do not close it.

At this point the version fields in Buster should populate as it talks to the DVSI chip.  If it *doesn’t* do this, you could have a bad ThumbDV.  All the blinky lights mean is that the FTDI chip is transmitting packets to the DVSI chip; not that the DVSI chip works in any way.

Annaliese McDermond (NH6Z)
Xenotropic Systems

> On Jul 4, 2018, at 9:54 PM, Luke.evans@... wrote:
> Hmm.  I've tried this on two Macs now (both with High Sierra), one with a built-in classic USB and one with a USB-C and dongle.
> The hardware is detected (see device tree dump below for the USB-C Mac), but in the logs, Buster says:
> default 21:32:17.546349 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KSerialVocoder openPort] [Line 303] Opening /dev/cu.usbserial-DA01PMV0 at 460800 baud
> default 21:32:17.549735 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KVocoder start] [Line 194] Port opened, initializing
> default 21:32:18.558880 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KVocoder start] [Line 204] Couldn't Reset DV3000: Undefined error: 0
> default 21:32:23.780466 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KSerialVocoder openPort] [Line 303] Opening /dev/cu.usbserial-DA01PMV0 at 230400 baud
> default 21:32:23.783554 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KVocoder start] [Line 194] Port opened, initializing
> default 21:32:24.791905 -0700 Buster -[BTRDV3KVocoder start] [Line 204] Couldn't Reset DV3000: Undefined error: 0
> So, as you can see I have tried both serial speeds.  Apparently the port is opened, but then there's an error 'starting the vocoder' in the class method "start" on "BTRDV3KVocoder".  "Undefined error" isn't very helpful, but at least we can see the line of code where the problem is reported.
> I checked in latest GitHub sources and around line 204, I see:
> NSLog(@"Port opened, initializing");
> //  Initialize the DV3K
> struct dv3k_packet ctrlPacket = {
>     .start_byte = DV3K_START_BYTE,
>     .header.packet_type = DV3K_TYPE_CONTROL,
>     .header.payload_length = htons(1),
>     .payload.ctrl.field_id = DV3K_CONTROL_RESET
> };
> if(![self sendCtrlPacket:ctrlPacket expectResponse:DV3K_CONTROL_READY]) {
>     NSLog(@"Couldn't Reset DV3000: %s\n", strerror(errno));
>     [self closePort];
>     return NO;
> }
> So, all that can be surmised is that the expected response (DV3K_CONTROL_READY) is not received in response to the DV3K_CONTROL_RESET message.
> I should point out that as well as the device (at least the serial controller) being discovered on the USB bus, I do also see brief flashes of a status light on the ThumbDV, so the product isn't entirely dead!
> I guess at this point, I need to contact the author of Buster :-/
> -----------------
> Device tree:
> USB 3.0 Bus:
>   Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBXHCISPT
>   PCI Device ID: 0xa12f
>   PCI Revision ID: 0x0031
>   PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086
> USB2.0 Hub             :
>   Product ID: 0x2812
>   Vendor ID: 0x2109  (VIA Labs, Inc.)
>   Version: 90.90
>   Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
>   Manufacturer: VIA Labs, Inc.         
>   Location ID: 0x14500000 / 2
>   Current Available (mA): 500
>   Current Required (mA): 0
>   Extra Operating Current (mA): 0
> FT230X Basic UART:
>   Product ID: 0x6015
>   Vendor ID: 0x0403  (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
>   Version: 10.00
>   Serial Number: DA01PMV0
>   Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
>   Manufacturer: FTDI
>   Location ID: 0x14530000 / 4
>   Current Available (mA): 500
>   Current Required (mA): 90
>   Extra Operating Current (mA): 0


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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