Re: Ambe server on raspberry pi 3 B+


This is my first post, I have a RPi 3 B+ and my USB dongle is the European version of the ThumbDV it is DVstick 30 which I use with BlueDV on my windows machines.

I have installed
Compass OS
Dummy Repeater 

However I am unable to get on to DStar. I am not quite sure as to how exactly all goes.
I start the ambeserver with sudo systemctl ambeserver@... 
I check with sudo systemctl status ambeserver@... I see ACTIVE in green. I then run the sudo python script, it shows the server is fine and running.  
I start ircddbgateway and getting and error 
Cannot open var/log click OK get another error
Assertion Fail on Line 67 in file Common/logger.cpp and function DoLog:m_file->IsOpened()
I set in Dummy Repeater DV-Dongle and Device ttyUSB0
When I start dummyrepeater it opens only with a DEBUG white screen
I check with dmesg | grep tty and see that the dongle is on ttyUSB0 
Now I cannot get dummyrepeater pass this screen, to reconfigure it.
Anyone can walk me through getting this going to onto DStar on RPi ?

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