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The DVstick is a completely separate and independent product from the NW Digital Radio ThumbDV, but that being said, let's clear up some of the information.

Compass OS is really only required for the UDRC family of boards, to support a driver.  AMBEserver should run on almost any Linux, including stock Raspbian Stretch.  The newest 'Cedar' Compass images are Raspbian Stretch and the driver is now loadable either on Compass or Raspbian (see for discussion).

AMBEserver, DummyRepeater, and ircDDBgateway are installable on the Compass image (or Raspbian with the right repositories included) and are the development work of G4KLX and there are Yahoo! Groups to support them (ircDDBGateway and pcrepeatercontroller).

DummyRepeater can either talk to AMBEserver by selecting it in the configuration or directly to the USB port (with AMBEserver disabled, only one program can access the physical USB port at a time).   If you select the USB route, make sure you select the 'DV3000' (doing this from memory) and not DVDongle, they are different chipsets and have different drivers.

If your ambeserver is working properly, you can test it from your BlueDV install on your Windows box by selecting AMBEserver in BlueDV and giving it the IP address of your Pi that is running ambeserver.

If you run (with a running AMBEserver) and it goes back to the command prompt, then it didn't execute.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 10:14 AM, <node750tt@...> wrote:
This is my first post, I have a RPi 3 B+ and my USB dongle is the European version of the ThumbDV it is DVstick 30 which I use with BlueDV on my windows machines.

I have installed
Compass OS
Dummy Repeater 

However I am unable to get on to DStar. I am not quite sure as to how exactly all goes.
I start the ambeserver with sudo systemctl ambeserver@... 
I check with sudo systemctl status ambeserver@... I see ACTIVE in green. I then run the python script, it gives no output but a prompt on the screen.
I start dummyrepeater click on Transmit and get cannot tx.  
I check with dmesg | grep tty and see that the dongle is on ttyUSB0 and when I start ambeserver it shows it also, but when I set this in DummyRepeater under devices, it says it is not there.
Anyone can walk me through getting this to work. I will like to set the ambeserver to start every time I reboot my RPi.


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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