Re: Ambe server on raspberry pi 3 B+


So far I got Dummy Repeater to open and transmit, and got rid of this annoying debug screen. So I can get to the preference page. Went to home/pi ls -a open the file .Dummy Repeater and edit the dongle line to = 
Now on the preference page I set Dongle to DV3000 network, Save and restart, dummy repeater is opening and transmitting.

For ircddbgateway, went to sudo ircddbgatewayconfig, you must use sudo to be able to save your settings. I reset some configurations as per the instructions listed, hxxp://,  ( not sure the rules of posting live links hence xx ), choose one of the freeservers save and restart. Ran sudo ircddbgateway restart,  opened fine just not connected to IRCDDB.

The last sage in this puzzle to solved.

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