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J G Shaw

Robert – yes, all you need is a PC with Internet access and running Windows, plus a ThumbDV, and the BlueDV software.  I use a Lenovo Thinkpad X-1 running Windows 10.   I gave a presentation back in June 2018 at the ARRL regional conference held in Seaside, OR on how to set things up. I’ve attached a pdf file of the slides I used.  Slides #4, #5, and #6 should provide all the information you will need.   


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Subject: [ambe] ThumbDV and BlueDV


I was led to believe by a fellow ham that the ThumbDV and BlueDv is all I would need to connect it to my wifi. Nothing was mentioned about any other hardware (such as megadv). All the instructions I find refer to hooking up megadv in conjunction with the thumbed and Blue Dv. Am I able to use this without a megadv device?  Thanks and 73


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