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Thank you Jim…I have found your explanation very easy to understand and helpful. I hope to work you on DMR soon.

73, Bob W7RJR

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Regarding use of BlueDV for Windows on DMR . . . . .
The BlueDV for Windows ‘settings’ screen has several sections - be sure the section for DMR settings has the correct settings. 
          Page #6 in the pdf file I sent you shows the exact settings I use for DMR in the US.  I use Brandmeister – the following notes are for BM use.
NOTE: Of course, you must have a valid DMR ID in your BlueDV settings before trying to “transmit” using the DMR mode- 

Additional DMR related notes when using BM:
1)      On the main BlueDV screen, be sure to set “DMR” on the slider on the left side-center and also on the other slider - on the lower right side in the small panel.
2)      On the AMBE tab (right side panel),  ensure the “P/G” slider shows “G” (“P” = Private call, “G” = General Call”)
3)      Be sure you have “unlinked” the last DMR talk group by transmitting a very short burst on TG 4000 
       i.e., on the AMBE tab on the right side panel, input ‘4000’ into the text box for talk group number 
               then “transmit” a short burst – BlueDV audio will say “NOT LINKED”
4)      “Link” to the talk group you desire by entering the talk group number in the text box on the AMBE tab
       then “transmit” a short burst to force TG linking to occur.  I have frequently found activity on TG 91 and/or TG 310
       NOTE: You can check your audio by linking to TG 9990 and then transmitting
NOTE 1: When using Brandmeister, I have found it most helpful to monitor the TG I want by setting up a search at:
NOTE 2: Page #7 in the pdf file I sent you has multiple DMR nets listed –
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Thanks to both who responded, I have it working now at least on DSTAR. I could use some help configuring it for DMR if anyone knows about it. Thank you and 73

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Hi Robert,
Yes you can -with just your ThumbDV, but you need the AMBE version of BlueDV running.  Have a look at this>  ambepage  .
73 de Mike


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