Re: Ambe server on raspberry pi 3 B+


Hey Bryan,

It was one only for me, but thus far I have (4) confirmed inaddition to myself ordered the ThumbDv, and sure will encourage many others to get on board.

As I write now, one of my friends are setting up a paypal account to make an order. 

I spoke with you in July the unit from what I remembered was $95.00US I am subject to correction here. So I saw a slight increase in price. 

I have advised them all to take advantage of the sale on till the end of the month why they all placed the order. 

You will see the callsigns from the Caribbean Ham community ordering that is due mainly to me encouraging them to do so. 

I bought one even thought as I told you I have the DVstick30, but to support the project I ordered the ThumbDV. 


On Aug 9, 2018 at 20:23, <Bryan Hoyer> wrote:

Hi Jeff,

If you purchased recently the ThumbDV has been on sale for $20 off which is cheaper than our 5% for 5 Qty discount. Was it 1 order for 5?

Bryan K7UDR

On Aug 8, 2018, at 11:00 PM, node750tt@... wrote:

Ordered my ThumbDV and 4 of my friends as well, did not get any discount. Geez.

Can anyone who has the ThumbDV connected to a Raspberry Pi explain or show how to connect a headset with Mic to communicate on the Pi with DStar?
Is this possible at all?


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