BlueDV AMBE Audio Issue - display flashes between Listening & RX

Mike G4GOU

I am connecting BlueDV Ambe version 1.0.48 to my Ambe Server (with DVstick 30) remotely over the internet. 

This works well and without any issues on my Huawei P10. I also have an Inrico T320  (Quad core - MTK6737  Android 7.0 1Gb+8Gb ram) but when I run the application it connects to the Ambe server and connects to a reflector. However as soon as it receives any audio the display repeatedly flashes between Listening & RX. with a short beep over the received audio. When on transmit it is also slow at responding and exhibits similar issues with the audio,

I have also heard other users having success with a Samsung Note4, Nexus7 & Samsung S5 but with a RT4, Samsung S4 mini & Samsung Tablet the same issue with the audio is observed.

Does anyone know of a solution or of any PoC devices which it has been known to work?

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