Re: I want to run BlueDV AMBE Server on Debian.


You should be able to build it on any Linux or Unix system.  Compass is Raspbian which is a version of Debian. 

On older Raspbian a special kernel had to be created to support the UDRC's sound chip, which became Compass. This is not a requirement with newer Raspbian Stretch, and not needed at all for the ThumbDV and AMBEserver. 

On Sun, Sep 16, 2018, 15:05 Shuji Chiba <jo3klssc@...> wrote:

Hello Jhon,


Unfortunately I do not have much knowledge of Linux. But  I am very interested in his question as well.

Once I build AMBEserver with Compass on Raspberry Pi Zero W, it works comfortably.

Does your advice mean that the OS of AMBEserver must be Compass? Is there a way to build AMBEserver with Debian?





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