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I use this solution:
If you want try use ip in your client.
Marco IK6IOQ

Il lun 17 set 2018, 22:23 Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...> ha scritto:
Ok, I'm going to have to echo some of the plaintive requests by others who have asked this same thing before me.

I have a RasPi 3B+ that I want to install AMBEserver on. I would rather NOT have to build a whole new microSD with Compass on it, and from what John has said in earlier topics, it's not necessary -- you can install it on Raspbian Stretch, which is what I have currently. I can't install from an apt-get install ambeserver, it can't find the package. So I used the "quick build on Linux" instructions that John pointed to. I have an AMBEserver executable.

I created /etc/opendv because I didn't have one. I moved my executable there. I created the "ambeserver-ttyUSB0.conf" file using the information at the top of the Addendum.

I do NOT have an "ambeserver-ttyUSB0.service" file. I don't know how to BUILD that file. Since I'm not working with a system image that has any of the other files built into it, don't assume I have ANYTHING ELSE other than the executable and that .conf file, because there are no working instructions for how to GET them other than using a Compass image, and THAT is listed as "deprecated" or "unstable". There are posts saying that it should be able to run with any new Linux distro, including Raspbian Stretch, which I have.

Do I get this by installing OpenDV? Some other package? Is there a repository I can attach to?

This is a complete mess. There are no comprehensive and complete instructions anywhere. Everything is either old, or superceded, or incomplete, or doesn't work.

I just want to put the ThumbDV on a RasPi so I can access it using my phone around the house. I can put the ThumbDV on my phone using OTG, but then the battery drains like an inflatable pool hit with a weed whacker, and I can't charge it AND use the ThumbDV at the same time. Eventually, it'd be nice if I can port forward this out into the world so I can access it from the net anywhere, but that would be a much larger project. I'd be happy to be able to do it from my workbench without moving the ThumbDV and microphone there from my main shack PC.

How do I get the REST of the application suite required to get AMBEserver up and running on this Raspbian machine?

Gwen, NG3P

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