Pi3;ThumbDV and Baofeng..


Thought I'd share this;

Now that my ThumbDV is up and running and I'm getting good audio reports I thought I would " experiment " with some Baofeng radios. ( I like them because you can tear them to bits and if they don't work afterwards, it's no big deal. ).

OK, I have had two QSO's using the Baofeng radios and it's a testament of the ThumbDV that the audio reports are good.

I'm running CompassLinux with ircDDBGateway and DummyRepeater via Pi3 and my ThumbDV linked ( ethernet ) to a 4G router and one Baofeng linked to a PI3 USB port; the other is used for tx/rx, a basic analogue bridge really.

So far I haven't figured out how to get the over air PTT to work; I am presently clicking on the transmit button in DummyRepeater; rx from the Internet works OK.  I suppose that's not a bad thing at the moment as anyone transmitting on " my " frequency could appear on a connected reflector under my callsign.

This " receive only " setup could be used to give others with analogue radios an opportunity to experience D-Star before taking the plunge, or you could set up your own Hotspot with a ThumbDV and two cheap radios.




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