Re: I want to run BlueDV AMBE Server on Debian.

Eric Jarvi

I'm totally new to group and not familiar with this code or dvstick but maybe you have the wrong baud rate?

I saw a similar grinding of the gears at first when using a ThumbDV with BlueDV for windows at the wrong internal baud rate.  The default rate might be defined in the c code you compiled or in some parameter or settings file the a.out executable would accept? If so try editing the code or config file or parameter and using 460800 instead of 230400 for baud rate.  

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018, 2:18 AM <js3cop@...> wrote:
Hallo John,
I downloaded AMBEserver.c. And I compiled it with gcc. I found a.out just under root. I ran it.
I am using DVstick 30, but is this caused by?
root @ debian: ~ #. / a.out
AMBEserver: Starting ...
AMBEserver: Opened serial port / dev / ttyUSB 0 at 230400 bps.
AMBEserver: Could not find start byte in serial data
AMBEserver: error receiving response to reset
AMBEserver: Could not initialize the DV3K!


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