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Hi Ian,

Cool experiment.  DummyRepeater should be able to be keyed using a GPIO line (I would have to dig through the code to see which one), in which case if you can detect squelch in the Baofeng and use it to key the GPIO line, you would have a basic COR operated system (better yet, if you could find a PL detect, use PL to key the PTT).

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Ian <gm4upx@...> wrote:

Thought I'd share this;

Now that my ThumbDV is up and running and I'm getting good audio reports I thought I would " experiment " with some Baofeng radios. ( I like them because you can tear them to bits and if they don't work afterwards, it's no big deal. ).

OK, I have had two QSO's using the Baofeng radios and it's a testament of the ThumbDV that the audio reports are good.

I'm running CompassLinux with ircDDBGateway and DummyRepeater via Pi3 and my ThumbDV linked ( ethernet ) to a 4G router and one Baofeng linked to a PI3 USB port; the other is used for tx/rx, a basic analogue bridge really.

So far I haven't figured out how to get the over air PTT to work; I am presently clicking on the transmit button in DummyRepeater; rx from the Internet works OK.  I suppose that's not a bad thing at the moment as anyone transmitting on " my " frequency could appear on a connected reflector under my callsign.

This " receive only " setup could be used to give others with analogue radios an opportunity to experience D-Star before taking the plunge, or you could set up your own Hotspot with a ThumbDV and two cheap radios.




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