Re: Linking to XLX reflectors

Dick Herrick

I suspect it’s an interim solution.  Friends using Windows machines can access 2-way audio by calling up the XLX reflectors. What you have here is a work-around which is fine.  However, I would not have known the association between the DCS and XLX nomenclature.  How did you figure that one out?

I was able to open the plist data in 1.2.3 to compare the “strings” in XLX and DCS plists.  Sure enough they point to the same … what appears to be … numeric DNS locations.  For your DCS600XLX600 example they both point to  So is one a proxy for the other?

Thanks for writing back.

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On Sep 20, 2018, at 2:50 PM, Ian <gm4upx@...> wrote:

I have Buster 1.2.3 and I experienced the same one-way effect.  In my case the cure I found is to issue a connect, for example, to DCS600 A instead of XLX600 A.

A connection to XLX defaults to Dextra connection with one-way audio whereas a connect to DCS defaults to DCS and audio is heard in both directions.

Is this what you are looking for ?


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