Re: Ideas of improvement / 2018-10-21 (complement)

Ludovic Ludo

 . Good ideo to have a setting of kill timer.
 I sometimes speak after the time-out because I do not always realize that the time is up.
 Is it possible to have a beep of time out to alert us ?
 (activable / deactivatable option in the menu)

I misspoke :
The feature exists but you have to activate "start/stop beep".
For my part, the "start/stop beep" do not interest me because
in reception of a QSO, i do not like this fonctionnality

So the ten bips alert only would be fine.
A new button in the menu to separate the two functions
would be nice


Other point :
Since the change to version, in DMR mode,
it miss the information of current TG used in reception signal,
information which was at right next to TX/RX bargraph.

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG.

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