Re: BlueDV for windows/Android & Call/name

Ronald Foster

I’m not sure about this problem, I suddenly had a smaller GUI on my Windows screen which cut off part of the info being displayed. It wouldn’t allow any mod to the BlueDV screen display... no resizing or anything. I tried to do a repair and an uninstall/reinstall, but no help.

I just installed a new installation on a different pc. We’ll see.


Ron, K0AAJ

On Oct 25, 2018, at 9:18 AM, Ludovic Ludo <f5pbg@...> wrote:


i use the DVStick 30 from

On BlueDV last version i have not Call and name but ID in the call case :


It is ok on the BlueDV AMBE for my smartphone.

Have you an idea to correct that ?

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG.

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