Audio receive problem with AMBE 3000 Stick on WIN10 Laptop

Karl-Aug. Eichhorn <dr.eichhorn@...>

Hello, I'm new on DStar and I try to get an AMBE 3000 stick working on my new Win10 ACER Laptop. My problem is: on the ACER I can't hear any thing in the speaker or my Sennheiser headset. The headset itself works fine with music and I have a good modulation while transmitting. But no RX audio? The AMBE 3000 works excellent at my WIN10 pc for amateur radio. No audio issues at all there. The only difference I found out is: the PC uses "Realtek High Definition Audio" drivers AND the Laptop "Realtek High Definition Audio (SST)" drivers mentioned in the device manager. A second difference is: with the normal PC I use USB 2 slot and with the ACER laptop I got only USB 3 slots.
Anybody any clue to solve this mystery for me which gives me hours of frustration :-) at the latop.

vy 73 Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)

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