Re: Audio receive problem with AMBE 3000 Stick on WIN10 Laptop

Karl-Aug. Eichhorn <dr.eichhorn@...>

Hi John,
thanks for your quick reply.
With your first question you are hitting the spot: it's a 3rd party AMBE. And last night in our 80m daily qso party somebody told me about  the difference between 3000R and 3000F :-)
And after more hours of frustration I found out that my AMBE 3000F is now working fine with an older version of BlueDV ;-)

Thanks for the help and it's your fault that I ordered just now this nice Eversame-Multimeter-Chargers-Capacity-Banks for a few Euros :-)

vy 73 Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)


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