ThumbDV / ambed / AMBEServer reliability on Raspberry Pi 2 ?


Hi all,

I'm running twi different setups :
- ambed with two ThumbDVs on a Raspberry Pi 2 (for XLX)
- AMBEserver with one ThumbDV on another Raspberry Pi 2 (for DVSwitch Analog_Bridge)
Both seem to malfunction after a while : scrambled audio, no audio at all, timeout errors in the logs, etc... Rebooting the RPi solves the problem, but the problem may appear againĀ  later.

All the machines (XLX server, Analog_bridge, and the two RPIs) are in the same data center, and on the same VLAN. So, this is not a network latency problem, nor a port opening issue. Also, power supplies are "official" Raspberry Pi ones.

Did someone already encounter such issues with RPi 2 ? As USB problems are frequent topics in the RPi world, I'm thinking about connecting ThumbDVs through powered USB hubs. Any other ideas ?

Thank you in advance. 73 de TK1BI

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