Re: ThumbDV / ambed / AMBEServer reliability on Raspberry Pi 2 ?



Le 17/01/2019 à 18:09, John D Hays - K7VE a écrit :
As far as Raspberry Pi in general, many of these issues are power supply related, both voltage (there is a drop through many leads and current output.   I would review my power supply first.

Yes, I'm aware of power supply problems. I usually use commercial 5V power supplies, or DC-DC converters from 12V. Here, it's just a test setup. And in order to avoid power problems, I'm using two official Rspberry Foundation power supplies, with their attached power cord.

About USB cords, I really understood that when I bought a tiny USB voltmeter/ammeter on a famous Chines marketplace. This clearly shows USB cords are not equal. And even "branded" cords have very thin copper gauge, which generates huge voltage drops. I usually buy my USB cords from the brand "Aukey", which has serious 20AWG wires.

Then, it's not a power supply problem, and it's not a cord problem. And, as far as ambed and AMBEserver are two completely different software, I don't think it's a software problem.

I did not get much answer on the XLX forum. It seems several people are using second hand PCs. Anyway, as I want to connect it in my 42U rack in my data center housing, two PCs would take too much room. I'd like to install the two AMBE transcoders in a rackable 1U cabinet. That's why I'm trying to use them with mini-machines such as RPis

I've just connected the two ThumbDVs through powered USB hubs. Let's see what happens ;-)

If it happens again, I'll try to find some error in the logs, which would allow me to track the problem more seriously than waiting for a few hours, and listening if audio is scrambled or not...

73 de TK1BI

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